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Level 3 award in Food Safety Supervision for catering / manufacturing / retail

This course was previously known as Intermediate food hygiene. The course is  delivered over three full days. We recommend one day per week with a short gap after day three to allow revision for the examination. 
The course is designed for food handlers working at supervisory level and it is recommended that the qualification or subject is regularly refreshed.
The examples used in the course are specific to the sector within the industry that the course is being delivered within.
Course content:

  • Introduction to Food Safety
  • Legislation
  • Food Safety  and spoilage Hazards
  • Good Hygiene practices and controls
  • Temperature Controls
  • Heat Treatment  of Foods
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Staff training
  • Food Storage
  • Cleaning and Disinfection
  • Waste disposal
  • Food Premises
  • Equipment design
  • Pest Control
  • Food Safety systems and controls
  • Role of Supervisor

Candidates are assessed by taking a multiple choice examination, consisting of 60 questions in 2 hours, 40 correct questions are required to pass the qualification. A merit grade can be achieved when a score of 51 or above is achieved.

CIEH Syllabus Catering | CIEH Syllabus Manufacturing | CIEH Syllabus Retail
HABC Syllabus Manufacturing | HABC Syllabus Retail
RSPH Syllabus Catering | RSPH Syllabus Manufacturing | RSPH Syllabus Retail