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Level 4 award in HACCP for Manufacturing

This course was previously known as Advanced HACCP. This course is designed for HACCP team leaders and auditors who have direct responsibility for HACCP systems. It is recommended that candidates already hold the level 3 award in HACCP for manufacturing (or equivalent) prior to starting this course.  The course covers the management of HACCP.

The course is delivered over four full days, normally the first two days together with a gap of two weeks and next two days after this.  The written examination is normally held within two weeks of the final course day.

Course outline:

  • Background to HACCP
  • HACCP National and Internationally
  • Management of Pre requisite programmes
  • Managing change in HACCP
  • Project planning
  • Leading HACCP teams
  • Carrying out hazard analysis and risk assessment to determine significant hazards
  • Practical application of HACCP
  • Validation of HACCP systems
  • Implementation of HACCP
  • Maintenance and verification of HACCP

The course is practical based, relying on the ability of putting the theory into practice.

Candidates are examined with two written papers.

HABC Syllabus Catering | HABC Syllabus Manufacturing | RSPH Syllabus Manufacturing