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Microbiology for the food industry – producing high quality and safe foods.

This two -day course is designed for people who have some prior knowledge of microbiology and wish to gain a deeper insight into specific problems related to the microbiological safety and spoilage of foods. The material will be delivered through lectures, case studies, practical demonstrations and some hands-on laboratory work.

The course is delivered by scientists from AFBI at their Newforge Lane facility in Belfast, allowing for a practical element of the course to be delivered.

Course Outline:

  • What are microorganisms
  • How do we detect microorganisms in foods
  • How can we control the growth of microorganisms in foods
  • What are the main causes of food borne disease
  • Practical work and demonstrations

Delegates will have the opportunity to enumerate microorganisms and carry out some preliminary identifications from foods of relevance to them e.g. meat, dairy, fish, fruit and vegetables.

Demonstrations will include isolation and identification of pathogens and typical spoilage microorganisms.

Candidates will receive a LP Associates / AFBI certificate of attendance

Accredited by the Institute of Biomedical science (IBMS)

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