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Refresher Food Hygiene and Safety for Food Handlers

It is recommended that training in the areas of food hygiene and safety are regularly refreshed, approximately every three-five years.  Instead of full course retraining, LP Associates have developed a range of refresher courses for all food handlers.

This refresher course is designed for those who already have gained  level 2 Food Safety or basic or foundation food hygiene qualification and would like to update their skills.
This is a half-day course designed to refresh your skills and each course is tailored to the individual company. This course is only offered as an in-house option.

Example Course outline:
Recent food scares
Brief over view of food poisoning bacteria
Update on key controls
Temperature control
Personal hygiene
Cleaning and disinfection
Pest control
Role of food handler

A short LP Associates multiple choice examination is offered and successful candidates receive a LP Associates certificate